Friday, July 29, 2011

Epic Lego Adventure

Today Liam, his mom, and I had an epic Lego adventure.  We started by building several different "levels" on Lego baseplates (they're fabulous, by the way) - three green baseplates, two blue baseplates, and one grey baseplate).
Level "0", as Liam called it, was built by him.  This is where the adventure began.  He built a house with  his "main character" and three friends.  Suddenly my character came up in a boat and told him his character's dad, the "professor", was missing.  My character told him he needed to go to the "labyrinth" (build by Liam) to find him.  So off they went.
Once to the labyrinth, they accidentally woke up an evil monster (found in this set).  The monster attacked them, but failed (of course).
One freed, the four guys in the middle were quite happy.  However, and unfortunately, the "dad professor" was not there.  One of the freed men said the "lady at the refueling station knows everything.  For a price, she'd be sure to help you."  So off they went to the refueling station (built by Mom).
Here they refueled.
They also noticed a lady inside the station.
Her station was clean, and conveniently offered the use of a toilet.  Liam loved that part. His mom must know him well.
The lady in the station told them she knew where the professor was, but that she required 20 gold pieces in return for the information.
Taken aback by the need to come up with 20 gold pieces, they happened upon a pirate, who for some odd reason, felt like helping them out.  With the aid of his giant pirate boat, the crew sailed to an island (built by me) that "can only be found by those who had already been there..."
Shortly before they arrived, an older gentleman and his daughter arrived at the island, unaware of the foreboding "sign of the spider" that marked it's gate.
The older gentleman gazed happily upon the island.
His daughter enjoyed the flowers...
...unaware that an evil mummy was waiting for the perfect time to catch them.
Suddenly, the mummy jumped up and captured the older man and his daughter.  They were sure to be killed, but the pirate boat arrived just in time.  The crew jumped out, saved the man and his daughter, killed two menacing scorpions, and found a secret chest.  Inside was a book that told them how to open the pyramid.  Inside the pyramid were 20 gold pieces!
In a flash the crew made it back to the refueling station where they gave the money to the lady.  In turn, she told them where the professor was.

Turns out he was trapped by meltrocks (a rock monster).  My character, Liam's character (named "Zap"), and Mom's character quickly saved him.  The professor then explained that the "grand leader of the bad guys" were the aliens.
Professor Dad then took them to the alien base (built by me).
Once they arrived at the alien base, one of the alien activated a switch.
The switched turned the ninja statue into a living monster.  Thankfully, the crew was able to defeat him.
Once he was defeated, they crew had to fight off a second alien.

It was then, however, that they saw who the real villain was...

It was Buzz Lightyear!  He'd turned EVIL!
Thankfully, he wasn't too hard to beat either.

Everybody was back together and happy (except the evil bad guys).  The end.

So fun.  :)

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