Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Building a Lego Jungle Adventure

Today our story started out with a pirate capturing a princess, but before we got too far we started building sets/scenery. My favorite. This is the pirate king's jungle throne room.

I suppose I may have gone overboard with the foliage, but it was just too fun putting it in.  Here's a closer look at the throne. The back moves on a hinge, just in case the pirate needs to relax a bit.
This is the cage hanging outside the pirate lair.
I wrapped the string around some 1x1 cylinder pieces.
I then sent it through a 1x1 with a little thing on the side,
I like the skeleton. So fun.  I had fun building the rock, too.
My favorite of Liam's creations (keep in mind he's 5) was his flying surf board. This is what the hero rides.
He also created an interesting set with several computer terminals and guns.
We'll be playing the adventure in the morning after we build our new Ninjago set. Speaking of which, Toys R Us has lots of new sets. They must have just come in. Liam and I were pretty excited. So fun!

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