Monday, July 4, 2011


So Liam's been reading the Narnia series at night with his Mom (he loves it when his mom reads to him), and he's convinced Lego has some "Narnia" set. Unfortunately, that's not true... and Lego doesn't have much in the way of Narnia-like pieces. In particular, I was trying to figure out how to make a Lego centaur.

Looking around I found this centaur:
Centaurs by SlyOwl
Centaurs, a photo by SlyOwl on Flickr.
This fabulous centaur from SlyOwl (please check out their Flickr site, it's amazing) was the coolest one I found.  However, the piece they used for the legs isn't one I've got, so I kept looking.

Turns out if you're really looking for a "real" Lego centaur character the closest you can get is this:

These are custom lego pieces made by BrickForge.  Pretty cool.  Here's the link to their site.

The problem with BrickForge is that I can't have it NOW.  So looking around at what I had (which honestly isn't that much), I made these:

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