Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rocket-Launch Station

Liam and I were playing "Lego" again.  I made a rocket-launch station as part of our play.  It was pretty fun.  My favorite part is the guy inside the little glassed-off room.

The hardest part was finding all the "tile" pieces, but surprisingly I managed.  Liam added the laser gun thing in the back.  Turns out it had a mind of it's own... and unfortunately decided to become a bad guy.  This was particularly unfortunate for R2, as I recall.

The reason the rocket-launch station is on a blue baseplate is because it's supposed to be floating in water.  There was a "water" space ship (not shown) that docked to it's side.

Great fun.

I don't plan on posting instructions for this one because it required several "pick-a-brick" parts that I ordered a while back (e.g. the blue window, the fences, etc.).  However, if anyone wants instructions, just let me know, and I'd be happy to put them up.

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