Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock and Flowers

5 by -infomaniac-
5, a photo by -infomaniac- on Flickr.
I love little scenes that look like a shot from a movie. I particularly LOVE this rock. brilliant. I also love the placing of the flowers, so cool.

I've been a bit unimpressed with the way the Ninjago ninjas carry their swords (with the little clip on the back of their helmet thing). I think that sticking the sword through the side pouch the guy in the foreground is carrying is fantastic.

And the pick flowers, SWEET. I think I'm going to go to "pick a brick" and buy a ton of pink flowers just because of this awesome creation.

Good contrast, a nice focusing point, excellent balance... this is Lego art work.

I love it! Can you tell?

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