Monday, June 27, 2011

Lego Robo Champ Game

My son, Liam, was pretty excited to try out the new Lego game, Robo Champ.  And I must say, for a 5-year-old, it's a pretty cool game.

There are three robots: green, blue, and red.  When you first open the game you follow the usual Lego instructions and assemble the robots.  Then you take off all of their arms, legs, and heads, and put them into the "scrap" pile.  Finally, starting with the youngest player, you roll the dice to see which color body part you get to take from the pile.  The object of the game is to have your head, arms, and legs be the same color (though not necessarily the same color as your chosen body).

Lego always has you change up rules here and there.  Liam, my wife, and I played with the following rules (based on the six-sided die you roll):
  • Green: Take a green piece (arm/leg/head) from the pile or another player
  • Red: Take a red piece from the pile or another player
  • Blue: Take a blue piece from the pile or another player
  • Black: Put a piece back into the pile
  • White: Take any piece of your choice
  • Multi-colored: Switch any of your pieces with those from the pile or with another player

The game would be no fun for teens, but for my son (who is 5) and I, it's been quite fun.  I give it four out of five stars.

HOLY STUDS!!! I almost forgot to mention the cool eye pieces that come with this set.  They're 1x1 circles/studs with holes.  They make great robot eyes, and I've never seen them anywhere except in this set.  My particular set came with 7 such pieces (2 eyes for each of the 3 robots, plus an extra).

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  1. I really enjoyed playing this game with you two boys. Next time you're both goin' down though. Who am I kidding? I know we'll both rig it so Liam will win a round or two.