Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plo Koon's "Prometris Dune Speeder"

Plo Koon, member of the Jedi Counsel, is famous for saying, "My only weapon is the force."  However as an accomplished star fighter pilot, Plo Koon never hesitates to use a powerful vehicle when he has the chance.

One of the vehicles Master Plo often used during the clone wars was the Prometris Dune Speeder.  This particular model was altered/enhanced by the republic so it could act as both a powerful weapon and as a fast, stealthy machine.

Building instructions are located here: Lego Instructions: Plo Koon's Speeder.

Click on the image to download PDF instructions.

These are the pieces you'll need: Click Here for Lego Pieces Required

Click on the image to see the required pieces.

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