Monday, November 7, 2011

Lego Trains - Set 7939

I recently went to Lego Land with Liam... Wow.  More on that soon...

While we were there we got set 7939, the yellow cargo train.  It was our first Lego train set.  I love it!
This is one of the greatest toys you could EVER get.  There were very few technic pieces, so it went together without too much trouble.  It was also nice to have several different train cars because there were automatic "let's take a break" moments built into the building experience.

 It's been great fun watching it zoom around the room.  The tracks to together super well, and they do surprisingly well on my thick carpet.  There are TONS of possibilities here.

Liam and I decided to make a little movie after putting it together (with a couple of other things for "atmospherics").  Enjoy!

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