Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lego Ninjago Kai's Lava Mountain

I've always been fascinated with Lego mountains, but it's hard to come up with enough Lego bricks to make one the size I want to make one.  This one's not huge, but it was reasonable; and it made for some good Ninjago minifigure play.

One day, recently, Liam was playing on the computer, and I wanted to lure him away into playing Legos. I brought out all the Lego bricks and just started building. This "lava mountain" is what I came up with.  Here's a shot of the back:

Liam loves Kai (from Lego Ninjago), so I added him to it. It was a fun build. I later used it at church (I'm a children's chorister) as part of a game we were playing.

I love Lego.  So fun.

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