Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lego Power Rangers

Liam wanted to watch Power Rangers this morning.  As he did so I started building their "Power Chamber," or headquarters.  The picture above shows Zordon, the magical floating head that tells the Power Rangers what's up.
Here's a little bit of a closer look at Zordon's head.
This is Alpha 5, the Power Ranger's robot helper.  Mine looks a bit more "robotic" than the original, but it's true to the idea.

Here's the rest of the Power Ranger's headquarters...
Liam made sure I included the big screen they use.
This is the big overview.
Zordon and Alpha 5 in action.

Finally, although not directly from Power Rangers, this is the villain our Lego Rangers had to fight today.  Along with a not-so-great Rita Repulsa look alike, this "dragon" like character tried to destroy the Power Rangers today.  Fortunately, the Rangers won.

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  1. Definitely post this on as a set creator with all 6 Rangers! This could totally hit 10,000!! I'd vote right away!!!