Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lego Movie Camera with DP, Director, & Makeup - MOC

Liam got set 7065 (Alien Conquest Mothership) as an early Christmas present from his grandma.  It's pretty cool, by the way.  The circle thing that goes around the ship is a narrow form of the train track element.  It's very playable, and quite fun.
While he was building it, I decided to "amplify" the news reporter that came with the set.  I started off building a news camera.  But it got out of hand...

 I ended up building a movie camera (it was more fun) to film the "alien movie" that was taking place.  It's very movable due to the ball joints.
I thought a director would be fun to include, and I gave him a "TV screen" on which to watch what the DP was doing.

The DP (Director of Photography) is my favorite part.

The bottom needed something, so I threw in the makeup girl.  Every alien movie needs a makeup girl.

So fun.

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