Monday, August 4, 2014

The Hobbit Shire

Teagan and Liam helped me put together Lego set 79003, An Unexpected Gathering, from the Hobbit series.  It's a GREAT build with some sweet green pieces.  It's super useful if you ever plan on building any kind of green grassy Lego something...

My favorite feature was the door you see on the left.  It's very cool.  If you've got the bricks (nothing terribly uncommon), here's a shot of the Lego instructions (I think it would be fun to include in some MOC later):

Here's a close-up of the front with the window after it's built:

The detail on the inside is pretty great, as well... not to mention the fabulous minifigures.  I love good Minifigs.

Here's a closer look...

When we were finished, I asked my kids if they wanted to go inside the Lego set.  There were like, "Huh? How?"

I love Photoshop.  Thanks, Adobe. Now my kids can be Lego Minifigs.  Sweet!

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